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This is where we sit down, and design the awesome user interface for your platform.

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This is where we take time to gather all the necessary information and reqired details.

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This is where we sit down, and grab all necessary media files needed for the platform

Endless Possibilities

We possition your brand in such a way that it is capable of endless possibilities

Powerful Performance

The platform does not only looks good, but also performs its required fuction that it was intended for.

Parallax Support

This is where we sit down, grab a cup of coffee and dial in the details.

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Flux Technology Africa

Flux Technology Africa is a leading provider of technology solutions and services in the African market. We create and deliver swift and affordable technology solutions that enable our clients and customers meet their needs by providing an online platform where individuals, businesses, institutions and more can easily request for the best technology solutions that would enable them achieve more daily.

It is our duty to provide these technology solutions to make work smarter and life better.



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"They proactively manage our IT infrastructure and consistently provide excellent service and reccomendation. This has provided us with a level of comfort to focus on our core businesses while they focus on the information system needed to support our operations."

Tunde Solomon

"" I have worked with many ICT companies and there is none like Flux Technology, the way they carry out every project fast and precise without compromising on the quality of any their services. Indeed its wonderful. "

Igbinidu Etinosa

" What i like about you guys is that you make your services very easy for clinents to understand and use, what can i say, you are the best. "

Cole Telema


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