About Flux Technology Africa


Flux Technology Africa is a leading provider of technology solutions and services in the African market.

We create and deliver swift and affordable tech solutions that enable our clients and customers meet their needs by providing an online platform where individuals, businesses, institutions and more can easily request for the best tech solutions that would enable them achieve more daily. It is our duty to provide these tech solutions to make work smarter and life better.

We provide tech solutions to our customers in the following areas:
• custom software development
• web consulting ( including website design & development)
• systems deployment and integration
• mobile Apps solution and cloud services
• e-business services
• Business intelligence solutions
• Hosted services
• Biometrics and security solution
• Management and problem resolution
• Animated campaigns and much more

Our Vision:
To provide tech platforms for every person and organization on the planet to achieve more daily.

Our mission:
Providing swift and affordable tech solutions to make work smarter and life better.

Our core values:
– Value innovation
– Business transformation
– Customer satisfaction

Payment plan:
We also offer perfect payment plans for our clients and customers. You can either choose to pay for your tech projects in full[FULL PAYMENT] or use the PAY SMALL SMALL (PSS) were you can pay in installments.
With our flexible payment plan, our clients and customers can easily get the best solutions that would enable them meet their needs.

PSS is a flexible payment plan that allows customers get great tech solutions by marking only 25% down payment of the cost for the tech solution and pay the rest in convenient installments by spreading your payment over a convenient period of time.

1) Visit the website www.fluxtechafrica.com
2) visit the “tech request/suggestion page”
3) fill in the necessary details needed.
4) wait for the flux tech Team to get back to you with the perfect tech solution, time range and price
5) make payments
6) wait for the Team to deliver your tech solution.