Amazon Music For Students Now Cost 99 Cent Per Month

Students are usually the luckiest when it comes to paid-subscription, as they often get the most discount on various platform

Just like every other music streaming service, Amazon has a special subscription for students, and just in the latest announcement, the streaming network is even planning to roll out a more affordable subscription for students, costing as low as 99 cents per month. At that, students who are yet to enroll for the service can start with a six (6) month trial, and then add the newly-introduced service.

Namely ‘Unlimited subscription’, the service will offer endless music listening for the cut-rate though out the period of a month. This simply means you will be paying less than $12 at the end of a year, a price that is less than that of the two-month subscription for Prime-subscribers that stands at $7.99 per month, and $9.99/month for those without Prime.

Subscribing for the new service will enable you to stream the service’s 50 million tunes, stations and playlists through Alexa devices, and the Amazon Music App and website. Also, while Amazon is not the only music streaming service with student subscription, it, however, offers the best price with the least favorable conditions. For instance, Apple, and Spotify music cost $5 per month for the same package, hence, there is no doubt that the new service will definitely fetch for Amazon more customers.

One more thing that is interesting about Amazon’s Prime Student subscription is that it includes Prime Video access and other Prime benefits, which are worth bearing in mind, and of course, paying for.





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