Apple Gearing Up To Launch 16-inch MacBook Pro Later This Year

Ever since Apple decided to kill off the 17-inch MacBook Pro, the 15-inch model was pretty much the largest model that you could get. However, as some of you might have heard, Apple could be working on a new 16-inch model that could be launching later this year.

According to a new report, it claims that Apple is indeed getting ready to launch a 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop that will be unveiled later in the year. The report also confirmed that in terms of size, the 16-inch model will be similar to the 15-inch model, but this is thanks to the use of narrower bezels that will shrink the size of the laptop while giving it a larger display.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is reported to be aimed at professionals, where it could command a starting price of $3,000. Some of the other changes that we have heard include a brand new keyboard.

Some reports have also claimed that Apple could be ditching the terribly-reviewed butterfly switch mechanism in future MacBook laptops and that it could start this year with the 16-inch model.

Take it with a grain of salt for now, but if it were to launch, we should have more details in the coming months.


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