Apples IOS14 Borrows Some Features From Android

Some of the latest features that would come with the IOS 14, would have numerous similarities to Android devices.

Apple announced a lengthy line of changes heading to its latest iPhone operating system, the iOS 14, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, some of which copied from apps recently launched by other tech firms, including Slack (WORK), Whats-app on Facebook and, of course, Google-owned Android.

Part of the changes that would be introduced into the ios 14, would be that the popular iPhone home screen will now have an interface that would resemble that of an Android device. iPhone users will also be able to pin widgets, or also have shortcuts to features inside an app, to their home screens. They can now be stacked or customized based on whatever category suits them at the time. Everyone also knows that the widget effect has long been part of the features of Android devices, including windows phones.

Asides from the fact that Apple’s new App Library automatically puts the apps on your home screen in order so your apps don’t get lost in your phone which is a actually sort of the same with Android devices app drawer.

Apple also introduced a distinct new feature they call App Clips, the feature provides a tiny part of an app that you want to use at any time. This feature also has similarities to  Google’s instant app feature that was initially announced in the year 2016. With Google’s tool, apps and games can run without any installations, thereby giving  users access to try them out first.

Apple seems to have also gotten some inspiration from a competing product to address a pain point for a lot of ios users: videos (and FaceTime calls) occupying the whole screen when you’re making use of other functions. Apple users would now be able to multi-task and also switch between applications while still watching a video with a feature called Picture in Picture. Funny enough, Samsung Galaxy phones have been able to do this for years. Does this mean Apple is now out of ideas to the extent they’re now borrowing android features?

Although tech giants want to highlight their own “innovations,” stealing or downloading apps from each other, whether it’s Facebook cloning Snapchat apps or Samsung stealing Apple, is popular for them too.
Android isn’t the only area Apple continues to draw cues from.


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