Audi Joins the Bandwagon Of E-Scooter Brands With Its ‘E-Tron’

Finally, Audi is about to venture into something entirely different from automobile production, although still in line with automotive

The German automobile manufacturer is about to roll out its own version of an electric scooter, namely E-Tron. Of course, you are probably thinking of Audi’s car with the same title, and possibly if it has any link with it. Well, the answer is not exactly as you imagined, although not totally out of place as well.

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The Carmaker is rolling out the E-Tron scooter on a different note, however, it will also serve a great deal for those who can’t afford the bigger ride. As a matter of fact, the just-unveiled E-Tron Scooter is meant to serve “multi-modal” travelers who only rarely hop into cars, if at all. So, let’s say you prefer to go to your various route with a less sophisticated automotive, then the E-Tron scooter will probably be one of your next favorites.

While the e-Tron has the profile of a scooter, you ride it like a skateboard by shifting your weight. Yes, it’s a scooter you can carve. And when it only needs one hand, your other hand is free to signal or hold on to a shopping bag.

On the contrary, the E-Tron scooter may not be as fast as you would have thought, considering that it is a product of Audi who has a major flare for speed. At that, you can expect a speed range between 12.5MPH top speed and 12.5-mile range, but those should cover a modest commute.

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Also, the e-Tron is not as dainty as you would have hoped for, considering that it weighs as much as 26-pounds, however, you can enjoy the luxury of folding it up for stowing and, crucially, pull it like a trolley. That way, you won’t have to strain yourself hauling it into a building or across a train station. A Bluetooth connection allows ride tuning and anti-theft protection.

If you are thinking of purchasing one of the e-Tron Scooter by the time it launches sometimes in 2020, then I’m pleased to inform you that the gear will cost a staggering  €2,000 ($2,235 or ₦809,070).


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