Disney+ Subscribers To Get $3 Discount If They Pay three years upfront

Disney seems to have got the best strategies so far, and it is on a mission to attract as many subscribers as possible even ahead of its November launch

The upcoming streaming service has been dishing out the best competitive deal in the last few weeks, and just again, it is offering yet another attractive and of course considerable deal for its Fans-to-be. The service is offering a 40% discount on the base subscription fee of $6.99 per month.

The discount, however, comes with a caveat, one that will require the interested subscribers to signup for the D23 Official Disney Fan Club; Signing up for this will give you access to a discounted subscription fee over a three years duration. This way, users will have to pay an upfront fee of just $140.97 for the period of three years instead of a monthly subscription of $3.92.

That been said, it is quite not easy to pay for a three years upfront for a service that is yet to be tested, however, given all the buzzes around the streaming network, it is quite easy to give the new deal a consideration. Also, the company had earlier informed that the service will have more than 500 feature films and more than 7,500 show episodes at launch, so if by this record alone, I personally think paying $140.97 as an upfront fee will not be a regrettable action.

Of course, with so much said already by Disney, it is certain that the company has been trying its best to stay transparent, hence, it is almost impossible to get anything less than quality by the time the service launch in a few months away. Lastly, interested users don’t have all the time to think about jumping on the deal, as it is slated to expire on September 2nd, which is less than 5 days from the time of writing this article.



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