Disney + Subscribers Will Get Four Simultaneous Stream With Free 4K

Disney is not going to have it easy on its competitors in the streaming business, considering that the company has been shaping its  forthcoming streaming service, Disney+ to become a major deal

Disney’s streaming service is barely three months away from launch, and just ahead of that time, the company has been on its toes to ensure that the upcoming service is incredibly fit for the competitive market it is about to enter. According to a reliable source, the service among its offerings will now include support for four simultaneous streams and 4K, all of which will be accessible for a base price of $6.99 a month. At that, Subscribers will also be able to create and manage up to seven profiles on a single account.

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While this offer seems quite costly for the company, considering that no other services offer such a palatable deal, especially for such a ridiculous amount; it appears to only be one of many strategies that Disney is hoping to use in catching up with the top-dogs that already in the game, of course with Netflix topping the list.

There is no doubt that people have always been looking forward to the kind of opportunity that Disney is about to offer for a junk price, and that is the exact reason why the company is willing to take advantage of it. Offering simultaneous streaming is quite a deal, however, offering up to four simultaneous streaming is no doubt a game-changer, the kind that could see other competitors drop in numbers. Of course who wouldn’t want a big offer for a cheapy price? Except you are a devoted fan of any of the other streaming service, I can bet that you would port to Disney+ the moment it launches on November 12th, 2019.

While Netflix is not the only one that stands a chance of losing subscribers assuming Disney+ go ahead with its plans; it stands the chance of getting the heaviest blow among others like AT&T, Amazon Prime, Hulu e.t.c by the time the service launch. Apart from having stricter limitations on simultaneous stream, Netflix is also on the disadvantage side when it comes to the subscription fee. As a matter of fact, Netflix recently just raised its prices earlier this year.

Netflix now costs $9 a month for a standard definition plan with only one available stream. If you want HD streaming, you need to pay $13 a month, and that gets you two simultaneous streams. For 4K and four simultaneous streams, it’s $16 a month, a price that is almost thrice the amount Disney+ is offering as a base price which also gives subscribers access to the same, if not better opportunities. By now you can be the judge. Would you rather stick to Netflix or port to Disney+?


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