Facebook Story Gets Spotify’s Music-Sharing Feature

Facebook users can now also make use of the Spotify’s Music-sharing feature for Story- a feature that was initially available for Instagram only

Hence, Instagram users will not be the only ones entitled to the music Sharing feature for story. The music streaming platform will now enable everyone who insists on using Facebook Stories to share their musical tastes as well.

The feature has been available on Instagram for a while now, and it lets the social media platform handlers share music directly from Spotify on their respective story sections. Now Facebook users can do the same as well.

As a result of the new development, sharing music directly from Spotify will now require users to tap “share,” and then select your preferred platform. Facebook will now show up as an option, and you can choose to share it to your story or News Feed.

This feature may round out Spotify’s sharing feature, but we all know Facebook Stories is a sad place. Personally, I never see more than three people post to it in a given day. And if they do, it’s often content that’s cross-posted from their Instagram Story.

That said, people do seemingly enjoy sharing music on their stories, and for the people who remain loyal to Facebook, this might be a nifty feature for them.


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