Findings Reveals That Almost 50 Percent Of PCs Now Runs On Windows 10

Microsoft resumes rolling out Windows 10 October 2018 update

Ok! It is not news that Microsoft’s ‘Windows 10′ is the most used of all the Windows OS, however, knowing that it now dominates about 50 percent of the Windows’ entirety is quite a major height for the tech giant

Windows 10 which happens to be the successor of the Windows 8.1, and ever since launch back in 2015, the latest Windows OS has long since established itself as the dominant operating system on PCs, dominating the Windows 7’s 36 percent global adoption rate with a whopping 39 percent when compared as at that time.

These numbers were further inflated over the years with most Windows 7 users upgrading to the most recent Windows OS. The reason for the increase in the adoption of the Windows 10 may also be because of the lack of invasive elementary features for the previous Windows updates.

Also, the odds are now against 7 users, considering a lot of ransomware attacks, as well as an official termination date that is now slated for January 14, 2020. These reasons will pose a major threat for  Windows 7 users, hence forcing them to switch to the most recent update or perhaps chose an entirely different OS. As a matter of fact, nobody wants to be left vulnerable due to an OS choice alone.

Of course, a lot of the 7 Users has chosen to stick with the operating system not because they don’t have choice, but mainly because they have synced to its usage, and will undoubtedly prefer that Microsoft continue to support their favorite OS indefinitely; but the tech giant has made it clear that this isn’t in the cards — despite 7’s still-significant market share.

According to Techspot, Microsoft has a vision for the future of Windows, and it doesn’t lie in significant, infrequent OS changes (such as XP, 7, and 8). Instead, it sees Windows as a platform: a “live service” that can be updated, changed, and sometimes broken, on a whim over time.

Not to deviate from the main subject of this article which points at a new revelation by NetApplications. The Data analyst source told that the global adoption rate of the Windows 10 has now reached exactly 48 percent, a remarkable jump from the previous 39 percent. Standing at 9 percent increase from the previous findings.

Apart from the reasons earlier mentioned, there is still no clear answer as to the reason for such a large Windows 10 boost over the past few months is not entirely clear. However, the end-of-support could not be written off the lines, as it tends to easily get under the skins of the faithful Windows 7 users; though the latter group has the option of extending security update support to 2023 for additional annual fees.

With the tension still uptight, it will be interesting to know how much these numbers change by the beginning of 2020, and we’ll update you if any significant shifts happen before then.



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