Google Docs To Start Displaying Word Count Whilst Typing

Using Google Doc comes with a lot of advantages, some of which includes easy access to the mailing system, however, it also comes with some certain pros

One of the most frustrating experience on Google Doc is having to manually access the menu every time you need to check if you’ve finally reach a particular word count for your respective essays (as seen in the image below).

For some it is not a big deal, however, for others it might be very unpleasant considering the disappointment that comes along with realizing you still have to work on an essay even after you are supposedly done.

Thankfully, the tech giant have found a solution to the seemingly issue; giving you the ability to display a document’s word count in its lower left corner. Hence, just like the Microsoft word press, you will easily be able to sight the number of your word count the moment you are typing. This way you can can feel sweet, instant relief the moment you conquer your task. Further, you can see how long specific sections are by highlighting them.

How to activate the feature

Simply check “Display word count while typing” under Tools. When you click on the lower left corner where the numbers are, you can also view a panel with more information.

If you are the type that is often concerned about the character count; the new development also includes the document’s character count (both with and without spaces). The same is applicable to the page count if you need to know if you have enough paper to print it out.

About the availability, Google says the feature is currently rolling out to all Google users and can be disabled in case you want to write without having to worry about how long the piece is getting.


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