Google Go Lite App Is Now Available For Global Use

Google Go is a new optimized alternative for Google main search engine, and while it was initially made available for selected countries, it is now rolling out to all users across the globe

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The Optimized Go app is primarily made for emerging markets, and its packs basic features such as the ability to read webpage out loud, easy to access add-on apps among other features. These features, especially the readout option for the webpage can serve as a handy tool for many, as it can be used in listening to articles on the go. As a matter of fact, it will be of great and invaluable use for people with visual impairments, considering that it can serve as a guard for internet usage.

The app is purposely built to take up a midget space on your device as part of the company’s aim to make the product easy to access by any and everyone across the globe, especially people who have limited internet access. At that, it will only require just a little over 7MB.

Also, it uses minimal bandwidth so it’s handy if you’re on a capped data plan or you’re in an area with spotty 3G coverage. If your device goes offline, it can remember your search queries and will fetch your results once you’re reconnected.

Go is now available in the Play Store for all Android devices running Lollipop (version 5) and above.

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