Google Hire is the Next App To Be Shut Down By The Company

The tech giant is at it again, plans to shut down Google Hire- an app that is specifically built for recruiters at small and midsized companies

It is barely two years away from launch, and Google already thinks the G-suit tool is no longer relevant to the course of its creation. Google launched Google Hire sometimes in 2017, and just two years away from that time, the tech giant is already planning to shut it down.

According to a reliable source, Google plans to shut the app down on the 1st of September 2020, exactly a year and two days away from now. this overall means that the app will only be functional for a period of three years, after which it will no longer be in use again. As callous as the plan may sound, it is not the first for the company and the fact that it is only one of several others that have faced the same fate recently doesn’t make this particular one seems like a big deal.

While Google is trying to make sure that it offers the best services for its customers, it is also making it difficult for people to have trust in its new products, especially when it comes to longevity. Of course, people tend to have a concern about using a tool they don’t know it will be around for long or not, and if in Google case, the company continues in this path of shutting down app within a very short time of existence, they tend to lose more customers.

As for Google Hire, during the time the tool was launched, the company also launched another tool- Google for jobs, which filters third-party job listings based on search criteria you set, signaling big ambitions to make tools that would help users find jobs.

To think that the plan to shut down hire is a deliberate one by the tech giant may, however, be a wrong notion. Two years down the line, both tools may no longer be relevant considering that Google for Jobs has to deal with issues related to antitrust complaints in the EU, hence, forcing the other tool, Hire to shut down.

In line with its plan to shut down Hire, Google informed that it will stop updating the software with new features, however, existing customers can keep using the tool until their contract runs out or on September 1st, 2020, whichever comes first. Also, henceforth, subscribers will no longer be charged for the service- serving as a goodwill gesture from the company for the short notice.


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