Google Map ‘AR Direction’ Feature Is Going Live On iOS And Android

Google is finally rolling out the AR walking direction feature for Map on both iOS and Android devices months after it was first released as a beta for Google Pixel devices

Google sometimes ago published an augmented reality walking directions feature for its Map, and while it was underway as that time, or let’s say a test version, the company is finally pushing the feature out to both iOS and Android users starting from this week.

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The feature which was initially known as augmented reality walking directions is now referred to as ‘Google Maps Live View’. The AR walking directions first appeared on Google’s Pixel phones earlier this year, showing real-time navigation in Google Maps through your phone’s camera.

With the feature now available, You can hold your phone up next to streets and your surroundings to see arrows and directions overlaid on top of the camera view to make it far easier to locate buildings and your destination.

That been said, you will require ARCore on your Android device to use the new feature, while iPhones must include ARKit support in order to access Google Maps Live View in beta this week.

To test out Live View for Google Map:

Firstly, Search for a location you want to walk to or tap it on a map, and Tap on the directions button at the bottom. Afterward, select walking directions at the top of the screen, then tap on the new Live View option at the bottom of the screen.

The new Google Maps Live View feature is part of a bigger update to Google’s mapping service. Meanwhile, Google has earlier announced the termination of its Trip App, and it is reportedly done as part of its plan to both Travel and Maps on a single platform.

Now, you can make bookings, and also have a more relatable Map to direct you to your destination, all on the same platform.



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