Huawei Working On Its Own Kind-Of ‘Google Map’

Huawei is not stopping at owning an Operating System (OS) alone, the Chinese giant is reportedly planning to break yet another norm as it currently working on its own type of Google Map

Huawei is obviously in for business, and while it recently unveiled its homegrown Harmony OS, the company is reportedly building its own Mapping system, let’s say the kind that Google has. While the service is still in the early stage of development, the Chinese tech giant told that it will be available in not less than 140 countries of the World for a start, and by that, it will support about 40 different languages, I guess English included.

Also, for a service that is still in the making, Huawei purportedly has been able to secure two partners for its upcoming service- Yandex, commonly referred to as the ‘Russian Google‘ – and, a subsidiary of Booking Holdings. This two are reportedly brought on board for specific reasons which include the supply of Map Kit.

While the news is coming as a shocker, it only arrived few days after Huawei announced of it homegrown Harmony OS. Although the company told that the new OS will primarily be used for IoT devices like laptops, wearables, and televisions; the Map, on the other hand, should be a thing for all device, as long as it supports GPS, except for otherwise reason that is still unknown.

Huawei’s recent plan to go solo on it products comes after the US-China Trade Ban that specifically had the Chinese company as the scapegoat, hence, the company seemed to have been threatened by that single act, and have ever since been trying to be totally independent, especially with services that it offers across its products.

Of course, that is not the only reason why the company has resorted to going solo on its products, especially creating its own Mapping system; other reasons may include a large chunk of apps these days depend on location-based services. Huawei cloud services boss Zhang Pingan recently estimated that nearly 50 percent of apps need mapping capabilities to run properly, and that is enough number to make the company push for its own mapping system.



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