Huawei’s Harmony OS Is Now Official

The Chinese phone maker has finally unveiled its Homegrown Operating System, and as earlier teased, calls it ‘Harmony OS’

The Harmony OS, according to the company will operate as an alternative to Google’s Android OS, and while it was unveiled at the Huawei Developer Conference yesterday in Dongguan City, China, the company enlighten the audience on what the new OS entails and how it will be put to use, especially for there futuristic products.

During the event, the company’s Business Group CEO Richard Yu surprised the audience by unveiling the new OS, and while people are still not sure about which name the company would give the OS, Richard unveiled the product that now officially carries the name ‘Harmony OS’. At that, Richard told that the Harmony OS as earlier rumored will be a faster and safer alternative than the Google’s Android.

Yu further told that the new OS will primarily be used for IoT products for a start, let’s say the likes of Home Speaker, Smart TV, Smart Display, Wearables, and In-Car devices, among several others, and not smartphones as many thought, although, according to him, the company over the years will integrate the OS for their smartphone products, or perhaps when they finally can’t go ahead with the usage of Google’s Android, which is quite a concern yet.

While Richard’s presentation was more technical than straight forward, he beats dow to the fact that the new Harmony OS is rather postioned for futuristic purpose, hence, it may not really be in vast use for a start. However, if you want to read more about the Harmony OS, then you can check out this link.


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