Instagram Users Will Now Be Able To Flag False Content

Instagram has not given up on its fight against misinformation, and just again, it is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to flag (report) contents that are believed to be false or misleading

Over the years, Instagram has been trying its best to understand the logic behind misinformation, and while it has been so much of a big struggle for the company, it may have finally found a technique that will yield more success in that line.

Instagram Users will now have the option to flag content that oozes suspicion or contains false interpretations of an actual story. That way, the social media platform will be able to make use of its trained AI to further look into the contents; As time goes by, Instagram will use the feedback, as well as other “signals” to determine if a post needs to be reviewed by third-party fact-checkers.

While the program is similar to the Pivot Program also launched by the company back in May, it will be built on that legacy. To flag a content, users will have to click the three-dot by the top-right of the post and select either of the options that read “it’s inappropriate” or “false information.”. Assuming the post actually contains false information, it won’t be taken down by Instagram, however, it will be downplayed on the Explore page as well as the hashtag category.

While you may be scared of playing the devil’s advocate, the owner of the post will not be notified of the reports made, neither will they be aware that their various post is under review. Also, they won’t be aware of the decision of the fact-checker; what they will probably notice is that their post is not doing as great as they expected.

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it will make use of the same third-party fact-checker that is been used by the Parent company to review its flagged contents. By now, it is no longer news that Facebook is aware of the big problem attached to misinformation, however, the company has been more uptight lately, and has been coming up with different strategies just to ensure that it overcomes the course.


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