Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ Feature Is Back From Temporary Outage

The software application that allows users of Microsoft phones to mirror their devices on a Windows 10 PC is now active barely 20 hours of shut down

Starting in the early hours of yesterday, 26th of August, Microsoft recently introduced mirror app has not been responding on various users’ devices, and while it seems like a general shutdown, the company has been able to resolve the outage eventually.

According to various sources, the app has been struggling to connect to the Windows devices, and until now, the situation has only gotten better.

Yesterday, Microsoft stated on its page yesterday- “We’ve identified a potential issue within infrastructure responsible for processing service traffic,”, there is no doubt that the company is working towards addressing the issue.

Microsoft’s service outage page also said: “We’re taking corrective action and we’ll closely monitor the service to ensure recovery.”, however, the company seems to be good at keeping to its word as it was able to resolve the issue about 20 hours away from the start of the outage.

While the outage did not only affect users of ‘Your Phone’ app alone, Samsung seems to have been greatly affected by the outage as well. The South-Korean based phone maker has its own version of Your Phone, called “Link to PC.” on its new flagship Galaxy Note 10. That phone just went on sale last week, and Link to PC is reportedly unavailable as part of this outage.

With the Note 10 ‘Link To PC’ feature, users can send replies to texts, access files and manage phone notifications from their respective PCs. While the new feature had been in the beta test since earlier this year, Microsoft rolled it out to PCs in July and considering that the company has been able to solve its current problem, the screen-mirroring capability is expected to reach more handsets in the coming months.


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