Netflix Has Shipped 5 Billion Discs So Far

Although streaming has dominated the majority of Netflix services, the company is yet to give up on its physical movies (discs) business either

If you think Netflix original business- Disc-based services is dead, then let me inform you that such thought is very wrong, considering that the company is still very much operating the vintage business that has to do with disc rentals and sales. In a recent tweet via Twitter, the streaming service announced breaking a new record- apparently, the company has shipped up to 5 billion discs, otherwise knowns as a physical movie 21 years since the start of the delivery business.

Of course, there is no doubt that the disc-based service of Netflix now is not as active as the new streaming service, however, it has been contributing to the net worth of the company regardless. According to the tweet by the company, the service still exists primarily because of ‘incredible members’ that have chosen to stick with the vintage culture.

Also, while the number of disc subscribers was at its all-time high sometimes in 2011, reaching a max of 14 million, the numbers eventually dropped to about 2.4 million towards the end of the previous quarter in the ongoing year. Despite the drop, the company has still been able to record an all-time highest shipment of 5 billion. Not just that, a majority of the drops is due to the transition into a streaming network, and as a matter of fact, a majority of the vintage customers, if not all, now own a digital Netflix account.

In the latest analysis, the streaming service now has 151 million streaming customers which now stream their favorite videos on the platform. Considering that the disc-based subscriber is dropping by the day, it will be pretty difficult for the company to make another business, even if all its existing customers’ orders for a title every month from here on out, it would take nearly 35 years to hit the 6 billion mark, which of course is almost impossible to achieve. Well, the 5 billion Mark will remain the company’s achievement as long as Netflix does, and of course, it is one hurrah that got Netflix started, and this will only be a reminder that streaming doesn’t quite satisfy everyone.




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