Snapchat Becomes a Gun Smuggling Den

Gun Violence has become of really high stakes and the moment when a social media brand like Snapchat, which has been hitting rock bottom for several reasons the conversation goes to another level.

In less than 12 months, not less than 3 persons have been arrested for Gun-related offense off the App.

In two of the cases, the criminals had bought guns from cities with lesser rules on Arm acquisition and had brought them to the social media platform to sell them to potential clients.

Snapchat has come out to state that it frowns hard on content and ads that promote  “firearms, weapons, ammunition, or related accessories,” and it says the app shouldn’t be used for “any illegal activities,” including buying and selling illegal weapons.

However, as it stands, users generated contents do not have algorithms that check them as users can post whatever content they deem fit on their account, it only takes other users to report them before the platform takes any action on the post or the user.

Thus, it put the company at a greater risk of running into more users displaying Arms and if not reported trading in arms on the platform over a period of time.


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