Spotify Is Testing A Feature That Will Let You Hand-Off Music To A Nearby Speaker

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Spotify keeps pushing out new features just to ensure that it keeps to its standard, at that, the streaming network is currently testing a new feature for speakers with support for Spotify Connect

Spotify seems to have accomplished a lot when it comes to user interaction with its app, however, beyond that, the music streaming network is sorting for other ways to keep users engaged on its platform. To achieve that, it is currently working on a feature that will allow integration with Speakers or other sound-producing devices with support for Spotify Connect in order to allow users to select a device as their Favorite Device.

With the new feature, users will get a pop-notification on their devices (assuming there is a speaker nearby) as seen in the image below, then further request if to switch listening to the other device. The notification will read thus, “Welcome back! Would you like to continue listening on ASTRO(assuming that is the giving name of your device)?”, “Tap to switch”

While the feature is still in the making, it was first spotted by Thurrott, with impressions of how it works.

Image Source; Spotify

Also, while it is a simpler way to switch to other devices, it is more convenient than having to open the app and changing playback manually, which is likely the point of creating the feature in the first place.

It is also interesting to know that you may only be allowed to pair to a single device at once as in the case of most Bluetooth devices, however, you will get a notification suggesting a series of other devices of which you will be allowed to make a switch. At that, it seems like only one device can be set as the Favorite Device for the automatic switching behavior, so if you’ve got more than one Spotify Connect speaker around, be prepared to choose your favorite.

For now, there is no word yet about a broader rollout for Spotify’s feature, however, we will inform you the moment the company releases an official date for the launch.


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