Spotify’s Direct Music-Sharing Integration Extends To Snapchat Too

Spotify’s music-sharing ability have now extended to Snapchat

-Similarly to that of Instagram and Facebook, the new service will enable users to share songs directly from the music streaming service

Snapchat is no longer left behind in the ability to share whatever it is you’re listening to on Spotify’s streaming service. Of course, it is not the first time Spotify is offering a social network such opportunity, and as a matter of fact, the same integration was added for both Facebook and Instagram just a few weeks ago.

With the new development, as long as you have both Spotify and Snapchat on the same device, then you can see the integration automatically appear in Spotify’s share menu.

If perhaps you chose Snapchat among other social networks as your preferred platform to share your favorite music- Snapchat will automatically create a snap that includes song info and album art for the currently playing track.

Once that is achieved, the curated tracks or playlist can then be sent to your individual Snapchat friends or to your story directly. Also, you can share individual songs, albums, playlists, or podcasts.

On the recipient side; if you probably received a Spotify share on Snapchat, you can as well just swipe in the upward direction to start listening to whatever song was just sent your way.

Like I earlier informed, direct-sharing has become more prominent lately especially among the social networks with Instagram caught up in the limelight before others like Facebook and now, Snapchat. This move by Spotify commenced just last month and it is one of it approach to remain relevant in the competitive music streaming market.

Aside from clearly not being a top priority for Spotify, Snapchat will also soon face new competition beyond Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook is working on a new app called Threads, and just like Snap it will also focus on sharing events and memories with close friends instead of a wider audience of online followers.


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