Three Tech-Hurdles That Nigerians Battle With Everyday

Nigerians are often referred to as  one of the strongest breeds of human across the globe, and while this is arguable, researches have often proven the ideology to be genuine for a lot of reasons which also include a strong resilience spirit found amidst the citizens of the country

While being resilient is not enough reason to regard Nigerians as a strong breed, often time the people of the country have always find a way of surviving the worst scenarios you could possibly think about. Of course, this is not to attribute glory to the poorly-structured government, however, this article will only be an eye-opener for many who are still oblivious of various hurdles that an average Nigerian goes through on a daily basis.

Well, before I go ahead with this article, I will like to narrow your mind that the following list consists of only tech-related hurdles, to avoid a long epistle that may bore you eventually. Moving on, below are three hurdles you can barely escape on a daily basis in Nigeria.

  1. Long Queue At The ATM

This hurdle is almost inevitable, except you decide to wake up in the middle of the night or let’s say as early as the ‘cock crows’, then just maybe, you won’t have to go through the usual hurdle of staying on the long queue at ATM galleries. As a matter of fact, this problem is almost non-avoidable in a country of over 170 million citizens, so you can imagine the numbers of ATM installation that can solve this kind of issue.

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Also, in a more densely-populated State in Nigeria, let’s say a ‘Lagos State’, for example, you would expect that banks do much when it comes to ATM Facility, however, while they have been putting in so much effort into that direction, with some banks placing ATM at almost every LGA, the ‘everlasting’ queue still seems to remain a persisting problem, that we can only hope time will solve eventually.

2. Poor Internet And Voice Calls

Ok! so this second hurdle might not apply to every Nigerians, however, we can’t as well, play the role of a ‘blind Bartholomew’ on the fact that the issue is still persisting in some part of the countries, especially those states that are not the center of attention, as in the case of Lagos, Port-Harcourt or Abuja which in most cases are referred to as the most commercialized cities in the country.

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At that, the problem here is in Two categories, one that affects the use of the Internet, and the other, the local calls. At times, a poor internet is enough to ruin your day, and that is why most network provider pays more attention in that direction. Often times, even the people in the bigger cities also cry out for the course of poor network, how much more of those in the rural areas.

The major solution for this particular hurdle is not very difficult to achieve, however, while it depends on the network provider, time will also play an important role in achieving such height.

3. Cyber Security

Like the popular saying that goes “we save the best wine for the last”, however, in this case, we might not be referring to the sweet wine but rather the sore one. If you ask me why, then I will tell that Cyber Security in Nigeria, although tagged as one of the strongest in the world, is still undeniably a thing of concern, considering that a lot of Nigeria still falls victim of Cybercrime on a daily basis.

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Of course, this does not necessarily have to be a transaction made on your bank account, but it can be through several other ways, which include fake goods purchase, fake/false credit alert, account hijacking among several other ways. By now, I’m sure you can testify to the fact that ‘being careful’ is not enough to guarantee your cyber safety. At that, the best advice is to rather thread with care, by that, I mean people should try as much as possible to not venture into the wrong business, while you’ll try to double-check your business partner, small or big.

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