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You hardly find people reading paper books anymore. Everything is online now, and frankly speaking, it is more comfortable and convenient reading a book online. On that note, here are a few applications that you can download and have access to free eBooks. This one is for the readers and book lovers.

Amazon Kindle

When mentioning free eBooks online, you cant afford to skip Amazon Kindle. It gives you the best selections of books for free and all you have to do is simply download and sign up. Here is the link


This is one of the strongest online read books programs. Barnes & Noble, who is without a doubt one of the biggest book sellers, should be able to sell the titles. You will not only upload epub and PDF, but this device also provides an interactive shop where you can download magazines , newspapers and comics too. click to download here.

Google Play Books

This is another common feature in Android phones which is the default. The software has been created by Google, as the name suggests. This software lets you tailor the specific look of the reading. You should experiment with font size and color. Not just this, you also have an simple dictionary lookup option if you are unable to understand the sense of some word. The best thing about playing Google is that you can easily download books for free, and also make a quick purchase. Click here to download.


Wattpad is a very popular and common reading app. Especially among young folk. Wattpad has been a forum of sorts where readers support each other’s work and even respect and critique each other. You will get immense publicity for your own job and at the same time readers can have free access to huge quantities of authors. It is also accessible offline. Click here to download.


This is probably the culture with the most common reading. Many free books can be found on Goodreads. While there are still a number of paying books, this is an immensely popular app for anyone who want some of the best reviews to find. You will access quotations, play games and even take part in gifts too. This is an online environment where you can find nearly any title and so it’s a writers’ paradise. Click to download.



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