Twitter Will Let You Follow Topics In An Ongoing Experiment

Twitter is always eager whenever it comes to testing new features, and even if it doesn’t work out fine eventually, you do be glad to know that the engineering team behind the platform always have its users convenience in mind

The social media giant is reportedly testing some new features, and one of them is an add-on option that allows users to follow topics in addition to people. What this means is that the feature will allow you to follow trending topics the same way you follow people and brands. For instance, Twitter will offer a curated list of topics such as sport, music, among other social topics. At that, the listing will also expand to include celebrities, TV shows, and other common discussions.

Furthermore, If you decide to follow a topic, let’s say music, for instance, you will get to see trending topics related to music, as well as music celebrities, or any other societal subject related to it. In addition, Twitter will also give you an option to snooze any of this topic (as part of its ongoing experiment).

While the test is still very much in its early stage, Twitter will be rolling it out for Android users only for a start, although, it is not certain if the feature will even find the light at the end of the tunnel eventually.

Also, While that is not the only test that twitter is currently working on, rumors also have it that the Social media giant is also testing a snooze feature for Android users. According to the source, you can snooze for not less than 1 hour, and not more than 12 hours. At that, you are sure to avoid whatever inconveniency within any of the time frame.

All of these ongoing experiment is definitely good features you would want to see in-app in the nearest future, however, considering that they are still leaks yet, you should raise your hopes too high just yet.


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