Twitter’s Direct Messages Will Soon Be Searchable

Twitter is reportedly cooking a lot of new features this season, although according to the company, it only launching a deluge of test which includes a search feature for DMs

Over the years, Twitter users have always had various complaints about using the app, and as much as possible, the social media platform often respond to their various feedbacks with new features that offer solutions to whatever problem they might be facing within the app.

One of the most notable complaints by users, considered to be long-overdue is the need for a search feature for Direct Messages (DM). While the feature is very important for the app, it will save users of many stress including having to dig through various conversation in the name of finding a crucial message from the thread of conversation. In addition, the social network also told that it is “re-energizing” its work on DMs, so might see this development as a highlight of a larger strategy.

While that is not the only thing that Twitter is currently working on, there are other minor (so to say) development that are still underway. For example, Twitter is also working on an option that will support Live Photos from iOS devices as GIFs in case you want your snapshots to be that much livelier. At that, you will also have an opportunity to reorganize photos in the app after you’ve uploaded them. This means you won’t have to be bothered about the sequence by which your photos were uploaded, as you can further make a re-arrangement to suit your desire.

That been said, you may be wondering why the social network is finally putting the search feature for DMs into consideration only now. This is definitely one of its many ways of fighting the ‘relevancy’ battle with the like of Facebook who has been working on its privacy-focused messaging tools as well, with a major focus on chats. Now if Twitter intends to compete on the same level as Facebook, and co, then it has to do a lot for its DM feature by making it more appealing to users.




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