Windows 10 Is Getting a Cloud OS Restore Feature

According to new making the rounds, Microsoft has developed a cloud OS restore feature for Windows 10 which is not that different from an existing feature available on macOS. This feature will improve the way users can reset or refresh Windows 10 on a PC.

Microsoft has announced that it’s testing this new “cloud download” feature which will be used for resetting Windows 10 when the hardware goes bad or when the OS just needs to be reinstalled.

It’s quite similar to the way macOS reinstalls are handled by Apple, which provides users with an option to reinstall macOS by downloading a copy from the cloud. A similar feature has already been offered by Microsoft for its Surface lineup, enabling users to download a copy of Windows 10 from the cloud and reinstall it.

Microsoft hasn’t made this feature available to the public yet but it’s been detailed with the latest preview build to members of the Windows Insider program. It mentions in the release notes that this feature isn’t working quite the way that it should be as yet but it should arrive on devices when they’re booted in a failed state eventually.

Insiders will test it first for a while before Microsoft decides to release this feature to all Windows 10 users.


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