Xiaomi, OPPO & Vivo Partner To Introduce Own Version of iPhone’s AirDrop

While Xiaomi and OPPO have successfully expanded into different markets over the past year, their main battleground is still in Asia, particularly the still-developing India market, in which Xiaomi is king but OPPO and sub-brand Realme are making headway fast.

However, according to reports making the rounds, it appears that OPPO and Xiaomi, along with Vivo, have announced that they’re teaming up to launch a cross-brand file transfer system similar to Apple’s AirDrop, meaning it will be a peer-to-peer transfer system likely using a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

Up until now, there hasn’t been one single way to transfer files between Android devices. Google tried to introduce Android Beam, which uses NFC, but that has struggled to pick up momentum and Google will actually be scrapping Android Beam in the next version of Android.

According to today’s online announcement, those who use phones running OPPO’s ColorOS, Vivo’s FunTouch OS or Xiaomi’s MIUI software will begin at the end of this month, be able to transfer files with just one click, without using cellular data. Realme, a sub-brand of Oppo, has confirmed to be part of this program, too.

The announcement said other brands are welcome to join the program, but it is unlikely Huawei, which is trying to build its own ecosystem and has always distanced itself from being seen as a competitor to other Chinese brands (instead, it sees itself as a rival to Apple and Samsung on a global scale) will take part.

That being said, it remains unknown how effective this file-transfer system will be but we will have to wait and see.



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