Xiaomi To Launch 34-inch Curved Display In November

Xiaomi is a company probably best known for its smartphones, but over the years, we have seen the company dabble in all kinds of products. Now according to the latest reports, it seems that Xiaomi’s next venture could come in the form of a display designed for gamers, or rather, the eSports scene.

The reports are claiming that the company could be working on a new 34-inch curved display that would be aimed at gamers and that they plan on launching it this coming November. Details about the display are scarce, apart from its size and also how it could feature a 144Hz refresh rate. Other than that, it has also been reported that the display could feature a QHD+ resolution with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

This would not be Xiaomi’s first foray into the gaming landscape. The company had previously launched it’s Mi Gaming Laptop 2019, plus the company also has some brands under its umbrella, like Black Shark, in which they have since launched several gaming-focused smartphones.

Apparently, Xiaomi has foreseen that the demand for such displays is slowing down, and as such, thinks that it’s a good idea to step in where they might be able to procure parts at a lower price.

Xiaomi’s products have typically been known to be somewhat affordable, so hopefully, this 34-inch curved display will also be along those veins.


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