YouTube Finally Gets A Dedicated Fashion Section

YouTube dedicates a new section specifically for fashion, the same way it did for Gaming and Movies

-The fashion section will be the destination for all kind of beauty-oriented contents including Clothing, Makeup, Hair-Styling, Body Art, among others

YouTube recently has been putting in a lot of effort into ensuring that its video streaming platform serves its purpose well, and right. Apart from having to deal with a lot of policy overhauling, the Google-owned video network has rather become more innovative lately, and at that attaching more relevancy to its platform.

In the latest development, the video giant has finally launched a new section specifically for fashion. Although, to many, it is long overdue, however, it is never too late to arrive now. While the new section went live yesterday evening, it will now lineup alongside other verticals on the platform including Gaming and Movies.

Just like the Gaming and Movies community, fashion lovers have always anticipated a dedicated section as well, as it is believed will crystalize the importance of beauty on the platform. Of course, there are thousands of channels on YouTube which are dedicated for fashion, and if there was a community to host them all, then it will only be an added advantage not just for content creators but also YouTube as well.

Yesterday, the video giant released an introductory video it titled, “Welcome to your front roll seat to Fashion”, and in the video YouTube tried to portray what the new section stands for- to be “the ultimate destination for style content that bridges both our fabulous endemic creator community and the more traditional worlds of fashion and beauty.” Hence, you would be coming across videos from the top dogs in the fashion industry. Below is the video, if you don’t mind taking a pause to watch it.

Also in the video, you do find a link that redirects you to the dedicated fashion section, however, if assuming you still chose not to watch the video, you can simply follow this link.

For those of you who might not be aware, YouTube‘s collection of beauty-oriented content creators (the so-called “beauty gurus”) is so vast as to be nearly oversaturated. In my opinion, no collection of random people on the internet has better earned the name “influencer.”

Just so that you may be aware, there is a downside to the new section- aside from shedding light to the prestigious creators- YouTube also packs some of its most palatable content in one spot, hence, making other creators almost invisible. In other words, you will get to see the likes of Versace, Gucci among other popular creators, taking the limelight in the section, and others may warrant specific search to come across, however, that’s not a new thing with YouTube.

The good part of this is that, by putting the videos on their own section, YouTube‘s simultaneously making it easier for viewers to find their content, thereby boosting potential views on advertiser-friendly videos, but it’s also symbolically raising it to the prestige level of YouTube’s Gaming section. As a matter of fact, dedicating a section for Fashion will even help the platform to rival with Instagram when it comes to seeking beauty gurus’ attention.

In my opinion, I think the next dedicated section to come to YouTube is soccer, as it has next to the biggest number of fans after fashion. Hopefully, in the nearest future, the video giant will also put that into consideration.


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