YouTube Trademarks ‘Fundo’, A paid online Feature For influencers

Owned by Google, YouTube will reportedly be getting a new paid-feature soon-Fundo. Just like the name sounds, the tech giant is currently experimenting the feature- an events-focused crowdfunding service which will strictly be most helpful for YouTube creators.

According to a recent report from a reliable source, Fundo is still a work in progress, and while it is an effort put together by Google employees, it will help YouTubers to set up online meet and greet sessions and other events that fans can pay to access.

While the service is still undergoing various test, Several YouTube personalities have reportedly been using the feature to set up small online get together and live conversations with subscribers. For instance, our source listed some of these personalities, and it includes the likes of

YouTuber Jessi Vee who reportedly used Fundo to host group chats with fans last month.

Also, Mexican YouTuber creator Key Riqué has utilized the feature as well, selling shoutouts to fans for as little as $4, while KreekCraft has charged $10 per ticket for fans who want to attend an online meet and greet in his own case.

The experimental Fundo feature is the product of Area 120, an internal incubator set up by Google. While the feature is not only useful for YouTubers,it also allows company employees to pitch ideas for new features and businesses. At that, if such proposals are approved, then employees get to have some times off work to focus on the side projects.

For now, Google hasn’t made any mention of how widely available Fundo is or when more creators will be given access to it, however, the company has reportedly filed a trademark for the ‘Fundo’ name and branding which implies it could be rolling out moment soon.


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