YouTube Will No Longer Display Exact Subscribers Count To The Public

-Starting in September, public YouTube users will no longer have access to the exact number of subscribers per Channel

-The new development will help Creators to Focus on content rather than deal with the unnecessary pressure that comes with grooming numbers

– Only accounts with more than 1,000 followers will have their subscriber count abbreviated

YouTube has earlier informed that the streaming platform will no longer portray the exact numbers of subscribers on each platform, and while the announcement had rather brought critics since May, the Google-owned platform had made an adjustment to the new policy in the latest update. YouTube seems to have noticed how much pressure YouTube Creators had to deal with in terms of grooming Subscribers numbers, hence, it is specifically doing away with the display of exact subscriber numbers for public display. This, however, does not mean that people will not be able to see how many subscribers a page has; it rather means that public users will no longer be entitled to the exact details.

For instance, assuming a YouTube Channel has a total of 1,850,500 subscribers, public viewers will now see 1.85M instead. This way, people don’t get to know how actively a page is been followed. Of course, this may not sound so good to public users as much as it will to Creators, however, the streaming platform told that its new approach is specifically for the creators which will now have to deal with little or no pressure at all. “We hope this helps all creators focus on telling their story, and experience less pressure about the numbers,” YouTube said.

While YouTube is not the first social network to come up with such an idea; Instagram recently also made a similar choice by including a feature which hid “like” counts from viewers, however, YouTube points out that creators will still be able to see how many followers they have in YouTube Studio and YouTube Analytics, which hence makes the situation more bearable than many had initially thought.

It is also interesting to know that the new development will not, however, affect beginners, especially those who still have less than a thousand subscribers. The abbreviation will only happen the moment a Creator is able to record a four-digit number- for instance, 1,000 will hence be seen as 1K by public viewers.

That been said, YouTube’s new development also will affect Third-part API services which are often been used by platforms like Social Blade, which tracks follower counts across YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter. As a matter of fact, Social Blade twitted on its Twitter account yesterday expressing their unhappiness with the new development which will now force them to adapt to the new policy.

According to Techspot, Below is what the public view of Subscribers will now look like.

The new changes are set to start rolling out gradually over the course of September, which means you can start noticing a change any time from now.


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